Happy Easter

Easter is celebrated worldwide with a variety of customs: There is decorating and dancing, fire and noise. The motto for Easter is: colourful, loud, bright and cheerful. This is how your Easter Fantasy cocktails should look like – no matter if sweet or fruity – the main thing is: fresh and colourful!

You can also make the Easter days exciting at home with fun and games. Here are two little Easter games to try out!

Egg Rolling
A funny Easter custom that you can also try out is the “egg whirl”. The funny and colourful painted eggs are rolled down a hill or mountain and downstairs. The winner is the one whose “trundles” the furthest. The egg spin can also be moved to the living room. Build up at home an egg whirling mountain and starts the competition.

An egg is placed on a pile of salt. With a teaspoon, each player takes some salt from the mountain one after the other. If the egg falls over, the player is eliminated. The player who is left at the end wins the game.

Have fun trying it out!