March 18 – Global Recycling Day – Tips for living a greener life

Recycling heroes wanted! For the sake of the environment.

Become a world saver and learn some useful information about recycling. Make the Global Recycling Day to EVERY Day and start to strengthen the use of products made from recycled materials as well as reusable products. All you need to protect the environment small changes in daily life – even from home.

4 hints for a greener everyday life

1. Waste separation

What goes where? Do not get lost in the recycling jungle. You will find instructions on the product labels. Or simply online at or Here you can find out exactly what you put into the yellow bin and in the yellow sack.

2. Composting

Turn organic waste into compost and let the resulting organic waste, nourish/dung for your plants. Fruit and vegetable waste should either be disposed of in the organic waste garbage or you compost it yourself. *
Further information here:

*Composters are also available for apartments and for the balcony.

3. Waste Minimization

Shop more conscious! Start your next weekend shopping and pay more attention to buy food without packaging or use packaging made of natural materials. If you have shopped or cooked too much food, you can freeze it, so that nothing ends up in the garbage.

The food also lasts longer and better in the optimal storage. Overview of the proper storage of food you can check out here:

4. Reusable Products

Switch to reusable products and reduce your plastic usage to a minimum. Buy jars instead of cans and use the good old glass bottle. Enjoy your smoothie or coffee-to-go in the morning without a guilty conscience with a reusable insulated cup. Of course with our reusable SLIDERSTRAW!

Recycling is not that difficult to implement in everyday life, if you only change a few small habits. So do something GOOD and become a recycling hero/ine yourself!