Valentine’s Day – Solo on the day of love

Valentine’s Day is known as the “day of love” especially for couples. Romantic dates, roses and candlelight dinners – but not all of us have a partner by our side and that’s totally fine!

There are so many ways to celebrate love and we have gathered 10 ideas on how you can make this day a spezial one:

1) a hot bubble bath with a glass of champagne and lots and lots of candles! If that doesn’t sound like soul unwinding. And if the spa feeling has not yet reached the maximum: a mask for  your skin and hair is the solution!

2) a good book, which pulls you into strange magical worlds, a romantic drama or an exciting thriller! It doesn’t matter what, the main thing is to relax and switch off.

3) a delicious dinner for one, home-made and full of love. And best thing is, you don’t have to share after all the effort you put into it.

4) a netflix marathon with your favorite snacks where you don’t have to justify when  you eat a cup of ice cream, a large pizza and 2 bags of chips while watching corny sit-coms. Oh my, McDreamy, Mr. Big and Chuck….

5) a little surprise for another couple by brightening up their day. How? Well simple: maybe watch the kids or pets of the couple so they can enjoy the date and togetherness in peace!

6) Have a creative evening and maybe craft, paint or even build your next masterpiece. A homemade unique piece with lots of love, which can then serve as a decoration or gift!

7) A walk in nature. Whether by the water, in the park or in the forest. The peace and the fresh air will give you a boost of happy hormones. Not to mention the beautiful view you will get. Amazing!

8) A date with your best friend – because friendship is just as beautiful as love and should therefore be celebrated! Cake and coffee together with all the talking and laughing!

9) Explore a new part of your city. You might think you know your hometown, but often there are still corners you’ve never seen. So why not start a little exploration and be surprised by all the secrets your city

10) Do nothing. Do nothing? Exactly. Sleep, relax and just laze around. Through the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can just take the day off to celebrate and breathe easy. And if you want some extra lazy points: instead of cooking, there are such great delivery services!

Here’s to a great Valentine’s Day, the way you like it best!