Freshly squeezed Carrot Ginger Apple Juice

Ginger heats up your body. The fruits (preferable organic quality) provide you with vitamins A from the carrot, vitamin C from the ginger and vitamin B is in the apple – especially in the peel. With a few drops of linseed oil, the juice becomes more digestible for the stomach and nutty in taste.

Taste the difference and eat healthy not only today!


Makes 250 ml freshly squeezed juice:

  • 1 carrot
  • 2 sticks of celery
  • 1 apple
  • ginger (piece)
  • parsley or celery greens (garnish)
  • 1-6 drops of linseed oil (optional)

Juicer (electric) or blender (for smoothie)


  1. First, wash the fruit & vegetables carefully.
  2. Remove the stalk from the carrot and celery. Cut out the core (seeds) of the apple.
  3. Chop the apple, carrot and ginger (with peel) into rough piece.
  4. Put all ingredients into the juicer and squeeze out the carrot-apple-ginger juice.
    If you do not have a juicer at hand, simply use a hand blender and mix a delicious smoothie.
  5. Wahlweise zum Schluss den frisch gepressten Saft mit etwas Leinöl untermischen und gut umrühren.
  6. Garnish your glass with some celery greens / parsley if you like and enjoy…

Cheers to health!