Our resolutions for 2021

We wish you a good start into the New Year and celebrate with you the 3rd of January – the “National Drinking Straw Day”. In our SLIDERSTRAW team we discuss very often how to live more sustainable, environmentally friendly, healthier or simply better. Shortly before the Christmas holidays, we talked a lot about the well-known “good” resolutions for the new year in our team meeting and would like to share our resolutions with you today:

1. Conscious consumption for a conscious lifeWe want to stop mindless shopping in the future and ask ourselves regularly: Do I really need this? Where does it come from? How was it produced? Technology can be bought used or broken things can be repaired. To minimize CO2 emissions during the long transport routes, food can be bought regionally. Clothes with Fairtrade, Fair Wear, or GOTS labels come from producers who pay fair wages and do not support child labor and are therefore always a good choice. Alternatively, Second Hand is not only conscious shopping, but also a lot of fun touring flea markets and Second Hand stores have a very special atmospheric charm for us.

2. Stop for nuclear power and coal energy

In the dark season and the increasing work from home, more electricity than ever is consumed. That’s why we’re switching to a green power producer and supporting the energy turnaround every day.

3. Different path for a change

In the new year, we’d like to leave the car behind more often and walk or cycle our routes more often – good for the environment, good for our health.

4. A healthy amount of self-love

Those who also take care of themselves live happier lives. For those who think about themselves too rarely, 2021 would be a good start: We recommend Digital Detox, learning how to de-stress, and healthy eating.

5. Tap water against plastic flood

For many in our team, a water bubbler is already part of the kitchen equipment as a matter of course, and in the new year the rest will follow suit: we no longer want plastic bottles and the heavy lugging of glass bottles! From 2021, we will all be drinking sparkling tap water.

6. To be kind to one another

Helping doesn’t have to stop with friends and family – community service, donations and even a friendly smile and polite “hello” have a positive effect on our people and also boosts our own self-esteem.

7. A green office for a better climate

Last but not least, we don’t want to stop at our workplace. From 2021, there will only be recycled (toilet) paper and skin-friendly natural soap in our office. For business appointments, we also want to travel to and from work as environmentally friendly as possible, by bus and train. We are replacing our energy-saving light bulbs with LEDs. With new potted plants, we want to make our office not only more beautiful, but also improve the air. With this in mind, we hope you all have a great National Drinking Straw Day and good luck with your resolutions for 2021!