We celebrate the day of the inventors

We celebrate the Day of the Inventors-people encourage and motivate them to believe in their ideas – that was the idea when the Berlin entrepreneur and inventor Gerhard Muthenthaler together created the annual “Day of the Inventors” in 2005. The date was chosen to commemorate the birthday of the Austrian inventor and Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr and thus commemorate this remarkable woman.

On this occasion we would like to present the inventor and the history of our SLIDERSTRAW today.

The idea of SLIDERSTRAW goes back to October 2009. The Berlin-based product designer Arman Emami sits in a bar and asks himself why there are no reusable straws and quickly finds the reason: Reusable straws are difficult to clean. While a few drinks pass by, an idea germinates in Arman’s head, which he captures in front of him with a few strokes on the napkin: What if you could divide a straw in the middle? Less than 24 hours later he initiates his team at EMAMIDESIGN into his solution. He has the concept of a divisible reusable straw worked out in more detail in 3D. Then three prototypes are produced from cut plastic tubes: The world’s first divisible straw is born!

The topic of plastic waste and the dramatic effects on our environment were not yet so strongly anchored in the consciousness of society at that time. The innovative concept receives little attention and even some talks with investors fail. Nobody seems to be interested in the idea at that time. The design concept including prototypes ended up in the drawer for eight years and remained unpublished.

2018 saw the imminent EU ban on disposable plastic straws. Arman Emami keeps coming across this news and the ever new facts about the devastating consequences of plastic waste worldwide and decides to work again on his concept of the divisible reusable straw. Further prototypes followed and in June 2018 Arman Emami applied for a patent for his invention, in May 2019 the patent for SLIDERSTRAW was granted by the German Patent and Trademark Office and SLIDERSTRAW went into serial production.

Arman Emami, Managing Director of EMAMIDESIGN and Brainchildren GmbH, has created a unique and innovative product with SLIDERSTRAW. SLIDERSTRAW is the first reusable drinking straw with the “Open To Clean” principle.

Arman Emami is aware of his responsibility towards people and the environment and wants to go new creative ways that have an added value for society. He develops and delivers performance through passion for innovation and holistic design.