Sustainability begins with the purchase of daily necessities.

Here are 5 tricks how you can already improve the world in the supermarket:

1. Own bag instead of a plastic bag

Simple and effective: do without the bags at the checkout and instead take your own bag for your food and a net for fruit and vegetables. Fabric bags and nets are already available in many shops.

2. Buy natural cosmetics

Microplastics have become a matter of course in conventional cosmetic products, and the prices of natural cosmetics are often criticized. But maybe the 50 cents more for shampoo or toothpaste are worth it if you do something good for your skin, hair, teeth and the environment with it?

3. Reduce animal products

No one has to go vegan or vegetarian. But you can already make a big contribution to sustainability by turning to less and higher quality meat instead of buying cheap products every day. You can also choose to buy organic milk and eggs.

4. Seasonal and regional shopping

Sustainable nutrition does not mean renunciation. Just make sure you buy these items and avoid products that have been transported a long way. You will quickly notice a qualitative difference. 

5. Save food with Food Sharing

There are already countless apps, locations and also groups in social media in which people are organising themselves to work together with food sharing to combat food waste.