Fresh & fruity: Summer cocktail Bellini

This Italian sparkling wine cocktail is perfect for those who don’t want the summer to end. If you love punch, you should definitely try this recipe.

Ingredients (for 2 ports.)
– 2 white peaches
– 1 tablespoon lemon juice
– n.d. 1 teaspoon sugar
– 300 ml sparkling wine, dry

There you go:
1. wash the peaches thoroughly and remove the seeds. Coarsely chop the flesh.
2. put the fruit flesh and lemon juice in a measuring cup and prepare puree with a hand blender.
3. distribute the puree evenly over 2 glasses and pour on the sparkling wine.

If you don’t have a hand blender at home or are looking for an even faster way: Use purchased peach puree instead of homemade peach puree!

Cheers – and much pleasure in trying it out.