5 tips for more sustainability at home

Living sustainably does not have to be difficult and costly. We have collected 5 little tips for you on how to easily integrate sustainability into your own four walls.

1. Showering instead of bathing
Not only good for the environment but also for your wallet – take a shower rather than a bath and save electricity and water.

2. Fill up the washing machine and dishwasher
Washing machines and dishwashers also consume a Meneg of energy and water. If you want to make a contribution to environmentally friendly, make sure that the appliances are always full before you turn them on.

3. Separate waste properly and recycle
Banal, but still important – waste should not only be reduced but also properly separated and recycled. Mistakes that still occur frequently: Used handkerchiefs do not belong in the paper waste but in the residual waste.  Juice and milk cartons belong in the yellow bag, not in the paper waste.

4. DIY furniture
Even those with no talent for craftsmanship will find great DIY ideas on sites such as Pinterest, where they can easily build their own furniture. This is also much more fun than pushing your way through the crowded furniture stores. It also allows you to recycle materials and avoid the rubbish of packaging new furniture.

5. Let food cool down before putting it in the fridge
It is always a good idea to save leftovers from the meal for the next day. But: The food should cool down first, so that the refrigerator uses less energy to maintain its temperature.

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