Children’s painting competition for creative minds!

No daycare, no school, lots of time – the difficult handling of the corona virus not only brings with it many restrictions, but also ensures that many of us are sitting at home. When you have already slowly cleaned every corner of the house and the children can’t find joy in all the games anymore, new ideas are needed!

We want to fight the Corona boredom together with you and that’s why today we’re starting a drawing contest on Facebook and Instagram with the theme: “This is what I like best”.

All children between the ages of 1-15 years who have fun and enjoy painting can take part. Until 17.04.2020 you can send us the pictures as scan or photo in the highest possible resolution to . Please add the name and age of the artist on the picture.

All pictures will be added to our blog at and you have until 1.05.2020 to vote for your favourite.

The winners of the competition will receive great prizes:

For 1-5 year olds:

  1. Prize: My Colouring Box – Painting set with 12 markers/18 coloured pencils/ 6 glitter stickers / 1 colouring book and 36 stickers
  2. Prize: Kids finger paint set with 6 bright colours
  3. Prize: Faber-Castell triangular wax crayon, case of 24

For the 6-10 year olds:

  1. Prize: 164-piece painting set, incl. wax crayons, watercolours, pastels, felt-tip pens, eraser, colouring book in a practical painting case
  2. Prize: Glitter pens / magic pencils , 8 colours
  3. Prize: PRIMO school paint | set of 12

For the 10-15 year olds

  1. Prize: 72 Professional watercolour pencils with Black Zipper Case
  2. Price: Brushes / set 24 colours with 2 different tips
  3. Price: Fineliner / STABILO point 88 / 20 pack

We wish you much fun!

The complete conditions of participation can be found here.