We are waging war on nature!

January 26 is World Environmental Education Day. This day goes back to the first World Environmental Conference of the United Nations in Stockholm in 1972. Its purpose is to highlight the importance of environmental education as a scientific discipline.

In the coming years, we will increasingly focus on the social implications of the environmental problem. Single-use plastic is a global problem. Humankind is up to its neck in refuse. Billions of pieces of plastic are floating in our seas and oceans – and disposable plastic straws are one of the causes.

The alarming thing: The WWF estimates that a total of 12.7 million tonnes of plastic particles make their way into the ocean every year. That is the equivalent of one truckload per minute! Everyone is talking about environmental issues. Plastic straws too. They are practical, cheap and they are thrown away just as quickly as the drink they were in a moment ago is finished. Studies show that per capita consumption is immense in many countries of the world. In one day alone, around 600 million plastic straws are consumed in the EU and the USA. An endless production of waste.

Can the popular principle of a straw be made sustainable? A new smart straw must be capable of more than just being colourful and cheap. It has to move something in people’s minds. The solution: SLIDERSTRAW, a reusable straw with residue-free cleaning capability thanks SLIDERSTRAW principle. This allows for a hygenically clean drinking pleasure, again and again.