A successful children’s birthday party

Birthday party without snacks, drinks and fun?

With SLIDERSTRAW you can not only create a colourful birthday table, but also play funny games.

Game 1: Collect paper

You will need a few pieces of paper and each child will receive a straw and a bowl. It is best if the children sit in a circle. In a predetermined time, each child should now suck as many sheets of paper as possible from the pile of paper with the straw and transport them to their bowl without using their hands. When the time is up, the shreds in each bowl are counted. The one who could collect the most leaves in this funny way is the winner.



Game 2: Painting with soap bubbles

Beautiful and colourful bubble pictures are not painted with the hands, but with the breath.

These can be conjured from very little material. You will need white leaves, soapy water (ratio 1:5 – it is best to use simple dishwashing liquid), food colouring for colouring, flat bowls in various sizes and straws. Then you are ready to start.

Dye the soapy water in different bowls with food colouring and then blow into them with a straw until many bubbles appear. Then place a sheet of paper on top and wait a short time. The bubbles burst on the surface and create a nice pattern on the paper. Repeat several times with different colours. This way you can easily create beautiful and colourful paintings.

Have fun and an unforgettable party for your birthday child.