Drinking Straw Day – The American National Drinking Straw Day

We wish you a good start into the new year and have a new occasion to celebrate further, because on 3 January is “The Drinking Straw Day.”

The history of the straw:

The oldest archaeological find of a drinking straw refers to a Sumerian tomb (ca. 3000 B.C.), in which both illustrations and the oldest straw known today were found. However, since this was made of gold and the precious stone lapis lazuli, it is assumed that the origins of drinking straws go back much further. It is likely that ryegrass or related grasses or plants whose straws are hollow from the inside were commonly used.

On 3 January 1888, the US American Marvin C. Stone (1842 – 1899) received a patent for the paper straw we know today. Shortly after patenting his paper drinking straw, Stone perfected the invention by means of a machine that sealed the straw with a layer of wax and prevented the dissolution of the originally used glue, especially in alcoholic drinks.

In addition to Stone’s patent, however, another invention was important for the modern version of the drinking straw. Just under half a century after Stone, the US-American inventor Joseph B. Friedman (1900 – 1982) extended the functionality of the drinking straw, for which he received the patent on 28 September 1937. Friedman invented the bendable straw, the so-called flex straw, which made drinking through the straw much easier.

On June 15, 2018, SLIDERSTRAW received a patent for a revolutionary functional extension of the conventional drinking straw. The original disposable product is now turned into a reusable straw, which is easy to clean thanks to its opening mechanism and can therefore be used again and again.

With this new unique principle we revolutionize the use of straws!

With this in mind, we wish you all a great Drinking Straw Day